Element Yang Years Yin Years Positive and Negative Traits

Liver/Gall bladder
Generates Fire
Destroys Earth
1904 Dragon
1914 Tiger
1924 Rat
1934 Dog
1944 Monkey
1954 Horse
1964 Dragon
1974 Tiger
1984 Rat
1994 Dog
2004 Monkey
2014 Horse
1905 Snake
1915 Rabbit
1925 Ox
1935 Boar
1945 Rooster
1955 Sheep
1965 Snake
1975 Rabbit
1985 Ox
1995 Boar
2005 Rooster
2015 Sheep
Those born with the Wood Element are generous. They strictly adhere to their sense of ethical behavior. They like to explore. Their powers of persuasion are very strong. Wood people are often artists in whatever they do. They are diligent and committed to their work. They like to be busy and believe that hard work is good for you. They are very confident. They have a deep appreciation of what they have and do not lust after that which they cannot accomplish. They like to have many varied interests. They are loyal friends. They do not indulge in selfish behavior. They love working on a team. They are very compassionate with others.

Wood tends to be a spendthrift. They may tend to take on more than they can handle and become overwhelmed. One thing they need to work on is learning their own limits. They may become overly dependent on others. Wood tends to be passive and inhibited. It is easy for them to lose themselves in the crowd. They should avoid areas with prevailing strong winds.

Generates Earth
Destroys Metal
1906 Horse
1916 Dragon
1926 Tiger
1936 Rat
1946 Dog
1956 Monkey
1966 Horse
1976 Dragon
1986 Tiger
1996 Rat
2006 Dog
2016 Monkey
1907 Sheep
1917 Snake
1927 Rabbit
1937 Ox
1947 Boar
1957 Rooster
1967 Sheep
1977 Snake
1987 Rabbit
1997 Ox
2007 Boar
2017 Rooster
Those born with the Fire Element love adventure and excitement; they have dynamic personalities and can become excellent leaders. They are competitive and may become restless. Fire Elements tend to have a rather magnetic attraction. They don't like to be secluded away from others. They prefer to form strong bonds with their loved ones. Fire is confident and sure. They like to explore anything new. They are brilliant and warm. They are decisive and dramatic. They may be aggressive about achieving the things they want in life. They are gifted speakers. They are clever and want others to know it.

The Fire Element may become selfish and inconsiderate. They become impatient when they are thwarted in their ambitions. When they try to force their way, they hit more obstacles. They can be hypersensitive. It is best if they can learn patience and compassion.

Season Change
Generates Metal
Destroys Water
1908 Monkey
1918 Horse
1928 Dragon
1938 Tiger
1948 Rat
1958 Dog
1968 Monkey
1978 Horse
1988 Dragon
1998 Tiger
2008 Rat
2018 Dog
1909 Rooster
1919 Sheep
1929 Snake
1939 Rabbit
1949 Ox
1959 Boar
1969 Rooster
1979 Sheep
1989 Snake
1999 Rabbit
2009 Ox
2019 Boar
Those born in the Earth Element are patient and reliable. They have a high sense of duty towards the people they are close to. They are ambitious, yet idealistic. They approach problems in a logical, methodical manner. They follow their intuition and have strong deductive talents. They are the moral compass by which they judge the world. They are very ethical and disciplined. They have the ability to use their resources wisely. Their conservative nature helps them most of the time. They make good planners or administrators. They are usually wise in all financial issues. They have a talent for keeping things in their proper perspective. Their steadiness and reliability impresses those around them. They are disciplined and tend to not show their emotions. They want to be important, yet they want to be loved. It would do them well to become a bit more adventurous in life. They are usually respected and admired.

The Earth Element person, on the more negative side, can be stubborn or rigid. They may be controlling or only interested in striving for their own gain. They may end up questioning their own instincts and distrusting their wisdom. They have a fear of the unknown that can be very strong.

Generates Water
Destroys Wood
1900 Rat
1910 Dog
1920 Monkey
1930 Horse
1940 Dragon
1950 Tiger
1960 Rat
1970 Dog
1980 Monkey
1990 Horse
2000 Dragon
2010 Tiger
1901 Ox
1911 Boar
1921 Rooster
1931 Sheep
1941 Snake
1951 Rabbit
1961 Ox
1971 Boar
1981 Rooster
1991 Sheep
2001 Snake
2011 Rabbit
Those born with the Metal Element are tenacious and self-reliant. They like to enjoy themselves but care about and respect others. They are usually pretty reserved, but when pushed they can be very forceful and unyielding. Metal likes to live in an orderly fashion. They prefer a balanced environment and like things to be clean. Metal is confidant and determined. This can set them apart from all the others. When they know what they seek, they pursue it unflinchingly. Obstacles and setbacks do not bother them. They are natural problem solvers. They don't mind solitude; in fact while they want the acclaim for their accomplishments, they much prefer to be left on their own. They are virtuous, and their inner strength of character is well-known. Metal creates their own success and sets out to attain it with a single purpose.

Metal can be a bit impulsive. They have a liking for luxury and power that their gifts with money can provide. They can be unreasonable and stubborn sometimes. They may become rather set in their ways. They are demanding when in charge and expect all around them to meet their high expectations.

Generates Wood
Destroys Fire
1902 Tiger
1912 Rat
1922 Dog
1932 Monkey
1942 Horse
1952 Dragon
1962 Tiger
1972 Rat
1982 Dog
1992 Monkey
2002 Horse
2012 Dragon
1903 Rabbit
1913 Ox
1923 Boar
1933 Rooster
1943 Sheep
1953 Snake
1963 Rabbit
1973 Ox
1983 Boar
1993 Rooster
2003 Sheep
2013 Snake
Those born with the Element of Water can be charming and sensitive as well as compassionate. They are very flexible and "go with the flow" so to speak. They are often intelligent and creative. They have a great imagination and are not afraid to use it! They make excellent philosophers and thinkers. They often freelance. They often have more than one profession. Water has good people skills and can be very subtly persuasive. They have talents in communication and diplomacy. They are intuitive and can find things that allude others. They have a flair for organizing and can delegate with the best of them. They have the gift of noticing the special talents of others and making them feel good about their abilities.

Water can also be secretive and deceptive. They don't like to share their secrets with others. They have great skills of manipulation. Water tends to try to find the easiest way out. They may be too passive and too malleable to the whims of others. They need to learn to stand on their own two feet and follow their own path. They should avoid places heavy with water.
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