Mountain Biking and other Active Events in SE Asia:

'Red Bicycle' promotes mountain bike and 'active' competitions and events in all of SE Asia. Make one of these events a part of your holiday!

Many events in Thailand are unfortunately only advertised in the Thai language. Fortunately, however, our Thai tour guides are able to keep us abreast of the latest happenings. Please inform us of other events by contacting us at Red Bicycle.

Up-and-Coming Events:

The BicycleThailand website EVENTS tab has many of the latest Thailand Bicycle Events.

Yearly Events:

  • 30-40km Mountain Bike Races in Khanom, Thailand
  • 30-40km Mountain Bike Races in Rajabhatkohn, Thailand
  • Philippines Mountain Bike Races
  • 30-40km Mountain Bike Races in Bangphra Chonburi, Thailand

Past Events:

  • Philippines Bike Race 22Oct2004
  • 10 day MTB Laos/China/Thai 23Oct2004
  • 100K MTB Marathon in Phetchburi by Power Bar 11Sep2004
  • MTB Challenge in Bangphra Chonburi 14Aug2004
  • Southern Thailand MTB Races
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